Friday, October 30, 2009

Link details

To give more exposure to your blogs I added also links detail page. So your site is not only listed at its own category but also it has page with it s own details. Maybe there will be more changes and more details, but now I have some problems with finding better code for it. Hope that this will help you to grow better :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Culinary Addict

After a bit longer break - I bought and moved to new home, so I do not have enough time to review submissions (nothing was lost, anything good will be listed) :) another post with Site of The Moment is here. Today it is something nice for anyone who loves cooking like me.

Culinary Addict

It is about world recipes and culinary things ... I think that owner is from Far East and hope, that he will not stop updating his site :) Good start and great that it is not another advertising and popup full blog like 80 percent I reviewed so far.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Advertising, link selling and other related stuff

I am regularly recieving questions about buying link on this site. Simple answer is no, I am not selling any link position here. The only option I can think about is normal exclusive banner advertising at the top of the site. This banner will be displayed on all directory subpages (but not on the blog). Advertising option is available only for normal children safe no spam sites (no adult, alcohol, gambling, pharmacy etc.). Price is 300 USD/month or 3000 USD/year. Payment is available only by wire or Epassporte. If anyone is interested let me know here in the comments with link to your site and contact information. I want to keep this site clean and valuable for blog submitting webmasters. So it is a reason why I do not want any link schemes and paid links.

Almost same answer is about Site of the moment. It is not paid review, this is just site I noticed during reviewing submitted sites as nice, valuable or just siply I like it and I don't know why :). So there is only one way to have your site in this category, have a great blog and submit it to Blogdirs directory and wait if I like it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Art By Sarah Pittman

Art By Sarah Pittman

It's another pick as a site of the moment (now it looks like almost Site of the Month :)) and again nice blog about art.

Taken from that blog:

About the Artist

Im a full time, self taught artist based in Cheshire in the UK, and i live with my boyfriend and two adorable little furballs (or cats if you prefer) called Aimee and Luna.

As it says on the site header, im a fairy, fantasy and animal artist, although other subjects do appear from time to time - but i love fairies and animals so i suppose it stands to reason that they feature the most in my artwork.

Most of my artwork is created with coloured pencils, Faber Castell Polychromos being my pencil of choice (love love love them!), but again other things sneak in from time to time…watercolours, acrylics and inks mainly, however i seem to use them less than ever now and tend to stick with my pencils, as theyre what i have the most fun with.


Enjoy (if you want to take a look only at art, go directly to Gallery)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Artery Gallery

I decided to post here sometimes a site I just accepted and I think that is interesting, nice etc. There will be no review, just simply link to it (And official description), to give it better audience. You decide, if you like "my chosen" blogs too :)

First Site of The Moment (SOM) is .... Applause

Artery Gallery News Blog

Description of the site:

Artery Gallery have gathered the best of Scottish and International talent from students just starting out on their career, to well established names within the art world. What matters most to Artery Gallery, is that we bring these creations forward and make them affordable and accessible to anybody wanting the best of contemporary art. On this blog, you will find our latest Art Gallery News along with Art News from across Scotland.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Contact, link exchange, errors

To reply to some comments that were a bit unrelated with posts (thats why they aren't listed) but may contain some important information.

First of all there is contact :) Contacting me is possible via this blog and link to this blog is everywhere on directory. I don't think that writing comment is harder than writing email and because comments are moderated your private message - if you want keep it private - will be for my eyes only and will not be published. And my email is spam free :)

Link exchange - for now I do not exchange main page links. Link exchange is possible classic via submitting your blog with reciprocal link and as exchange of submit page links of other blog directories if there will be interest. I can consider some linking from blog, but I think it should be related to directories or blogging about blog tools.

Errors - I know that during submission there are sometime some errors but ... I don't know why - hosting, traffic who knows :) This not happen very often and there are different reasons. But there is easy solution, if you see error, wait some time and try resubmit your blog again. For sure form is working because I am still recieving a lot of submissions.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tools for Bloggers

I decided to create new category called Blogger Tools. This category is not for blogs - blogs with tips and tricks for good blogging or with descriptions of other services for bloggers should go to other category like Internet. It is for all those tools that any blogger can use for making his blog better - like directories (especially blog directories), aggregators, counters, blog hosting, blog toplists and so on.

Rules are same like for other submissions, so reciprocal link is needed, there should be no harming scripts and exploits or popups and your webmaster service should be online for a while on the net (if you just put online new usefull resource don't worry, I will list it after two or three months when I see that your site is still running and not changed to something else). I think that this new category will be successful, because there is a lot of bloggers coming every day to Blogdirs for submiting their site and they can look how make their site better. When Blogger Tools grow I put a direct link on the submit page to them. So if you have some nice tool don't wait and submit it :) And if you run a blog, take a look there, maybe you will find something that you need.