Monday, April 21, 2008

Basic Facts

Domain was registered in December 2005. Same month it goes online and recieved first submissions. Of course amount of submissions for new not known site was very low and I decided to start buying traffic from Google. This extremely helped Blogdirs to grow and after stable two year campaign I was able to reduce advertising budget, because 90 procent of new blog submissions is not going for payed advertisements and also most of the traffic comes here naturally from sites and search engines.

For now there is more than 1900 blogs listed in 69 categories. I add new categories reguraly always when there is more blogs with similar topic of interest. Biggest is Personal category where I add all blogs submitted as Personal and all non english blogs. There are some nonenglish blogs in other categories from past submissions but I am moving them regularly to Personal category always when I make cleaning of bad and dead sites and sites that are breaking rules. For the future I hope that in Personal category all languagues (and maybe alsou countries) will have their own subcategory under Personal category and best vision for far future is more subcategories under languagues sorted by topic.

Blogdirs is recieving 15-30 new submissions daily and almost daily I review new sites. But in first review I accept only few or no of new submitted blogs because of many different reasons but about approval rules for very fast submission I will write in some of next posts. But all sites with reciprocal link that are not accepted in first review i do not automatically delete. Those blogs are going to waiting queue and are reviewed againg after few months (2-4) - if they are live, do not break rules and have reciprocal they are accepted.

For now there is no option for today very popular in almost all directories payed listing as featured link or payed listing without reciprocal, but if there will be interest for this kind of service I can make it possible in the future.


At April 23, 2008 5:20 PM , Anonymous toby said...

can i submit my blog

At April 24, 2008 7:17 PM , Blogger BlogdirsAdmin said...

Sure, but not here but via submit form of directory.


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