Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something about this stuff

This blog is about anything related to blogdirs blog directory. I hope this will give more interaction between visitors of directory, webmasters submiting to this directory and me. In the near future I hope to write more detailed informations about what I like and what I don't like in submited sites (i think rules are clear, but maybe more explanation will be better), how exactly confirmation process look like etc.

What I don't want to do is explaining 1000x one same question - "I submitted my blog, why it's not listed, when it will be listed ?" - so that's why I added this blog to directory to make things in future posts clear as clear they can be. Also I don't want to make this blog as some subdirectory or storage for thousends links burried in the comments. That's why I put comment moderation on and new posts will wait for approval - any normal will be listed. I put some notes on comment page too, but repeating sometime can help. This keep this site clean and any posts like "i giv ju good pills couse i luv you site" never go through.

When biggest part of administrative type posts will be online I hope to start writing something more about sites approved, sites I just listed and I like them, about cleaning of directory, new categories and so on. Hope that someone find some of future informations interesting.

See you later

Sorry for not so good english. It's not my native languague. But I understand everything, just grammar is probably horrible :)


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