Friday, May 30, 2008

Directory submit page LinkExchange

This is offer for other directory owners, if you have living (et least one year or site with lot of submited blogs) blog directory, we can exchange links to our submit pages (for now not to main page - I will make some resource page or pages in the future and when it will be online, for sure there will be category also for blog directories with possibility of linkexchange). If you place link on your submit page to my submit page, I will place yours submit page on the same place. I am interested only in long term honest exchange, which can be profitable for both sites.

This offer is also for normal directories, that also accept blogs (have a subcategory for them), but those directories should be online for a longer time and have some real value for visitors.

If you are interested, please put link on your site and let me know here in comments where is your submit page of your directory. I will place reciprocal link within few days.


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