Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reciprocal Links

I know, that there are a lot of teories about directories. One very popular is saying, that directory should be free or paid, but no reciprocal. I don't think so. Reciprocal linking is in fact normal link exchange and thanks to the script is automated. There is no need to write emails, wait for reply or acceptance. As long as your site has reciprocal link, it will be accepted (of course if is legal and follows rules). Link to directory is not loss for your site, if you do not want only work for same fake linking schemes to cheat search engines. Any surfer, that click on link to directory probably do not want to click on something else on your site, and giving him a choice to move somewhere else keeps him satisfied. Forcing visitors to rotate between content that he do not need have only one result, this surfers only close your site.

Internet community started on exchanging links and this idea is still living - democratic and anyone have same rights and chances, no matter how big, rich or important he is. For me it is simple, with my link from this directory I help growing linked sites and it's fair if sites listed help growing this directory. Long term profit is for both sides, because honest sites are listed forever. If Blogdirs become bigger, your site become bigger of course too and vice versa.

This is reason, why I manually check all reciprocals. And this is also reason, why I do not accept fake reciprocal links listed on some page, that is not accesible for anyone. It's ok to put link back on some links page, but this links page should be easily available for your visitors. Reason is as written above, if I cannot grow with partnership with your site, I do not see any reason help growing your site. And one simple fact, that shows, that reciprocal link is not "stealing" your visitors. Blogs with hundreds of visitors a day, that have reciprocal link very visible are sending maybe one-two persons a day to directory. But of course if there is listed a lot of good sites (and they become better for every month they are listed here) it also means more visitors for directory - and back to other quality blogs.


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