Sunday, June 29, 2008

Contact, link exchange, errors

To reply to some comments that were a bit unrelated with posts (thats why they aren't listed) but may contain some important information.

First of all there is contact :) Contacting me is possible via this blog and link to this blog is everywhere on directory. I don't think that writing comment is harder than writing email and because comments are moderated your private message - if you want keep it private - will be for my eyes only and will not be published. And my email is spam free :)

Link exchange - for now I do not exchange main page links. Link exchange is possible classic via submitting your blog with reciprocal link and as exchange of submit page links of other blog directories if there will be interest. I can consider some linking from blog, but I think it should be related to directories or blogging about blog tools.

Errors - I know that during submission there are sometime some errors but ... I don't know why - hosting, traffic who knows :) This not happen very often and there are different reasons. But there is easy solution, if you see error, wait some time and try resubmit your blog again. For sure form is working because I am still recieving a lot of submissions.


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