Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tools for Bloggers

I decided to create new category called Blogger Tools. This category is not for blogs - blogs with tips and tricks for good blogging or with descriptions of other services for bloggers should go to other category like Internet. It is for all those tools that any blogger can use for making his blog better - like directories (especially blog directories), aggregators, counters, blog hosting, blog toplists and so on.

Rules are same like for other submissions, so reciprocal link is needed, there should be no harming scripts and exploits or popups and your webmaster service should be online for a while on the net (if you just put online new usefull resource don't worry, I will list it after two or three months when I see that your site is still running and not changed to something else). I think that this new category will be successful, because there is a lot of bloggers coming every day to Blogdirs for submiting their site and they can look how make their site better. When Blogger Tools grow I put a direct link on the submit page to them. So if you have some nice tool don't wait and submit it :) And if you run a blog, take a look there, maybe you will find something that you need.


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